For as long as drones have been around CineCopters, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland have been ahead of the pack.

We fly state-of-the-art light and heavy-lift drones with unimpeachable built-in safety protocols capable of shooting 4K RAW CINEMA STANDARD pictures with 5km+ of live HD video feed. Our crews bring more than 50 years' film and television experience to the set and have been flying drones commercially since they were invented.

If it won't work with a drone our cable cam is the next best thing. Closer, longer, and more precise. See page for details.

We know how this works. We make your life easy.


Client Testimonials

...A calm and professional approach, incredibly competitive rates and the ability to deliver utterly breathtaking shots. Exec Producers fro... Read More
Nadia Jaynes
Producer | Buccaneer Films / Nickelodeon
...CineCopters were brilliant and gave us exceptional footage. I can’t praise them highly enough. 5 stars...... Read More
Simon Reeve
...an excellent company offering bespoke aerial filming. We were really impressed by the high standard of service, professionalism, and supe... Read More
Dermot & Jonathan
Doubleband Films
...the speed and efficiency of the guys blew me away. I found myself making up more shots because it took no time to get exactly what I wan... Read More
Michael lennox
BAFTA winning and Academy Award nominated Director
I cannot speak more highly of CineCopters approach to drone filming... excellent throughout... Absolutely stunning... top of their game...... Read More
George Pagliero
Producer/Director BBC | Secret Britain
...We couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful footage CineCopters captured. It’s taken our series to a whole new level. They were easy... Read More
Joan Lambur - Executive Vice President
Breakthrough Entertainment | Nickelodeon
...the footage is perhaps amongst the best we’ve ever seen... ranging in style from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining to True Detective!...... Read More
Atanasio and Martinez
Commercials Directors


3D pre-vis

Very happy to fly the drone for Sullivan Upper's new pavilion plans. The drone along with the 3D model gave them a perfect indication of how the finished project would look.

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29 Mar 2017

Guinness – Made of More

One of our first job of the year on a cold January morning. Guinness Irish Wheat - Made of More.

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23 Mar 2017

Thank you to all our clients!

We would like to thank all our clients for the extremely busy 2016. We've had some incredible opportunities to shoot some incredible pictures. Take a look at just a handful of the highlights from last year in our portfolio page.

08 Jan 2017

Busy busy season!

It's been (and is continuing to be) a very busy season for all the CineCopters team. Aston Martin, Lexus, Nissan, Jaguar, Guinness, Belfast City, Dublin City, Bushmills, Nickelodeon, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Ch

15 Oct 2016

Feature film in Carlow

One of our most full on shoots in recent memory! We went through around 26 batteries and shot 506Gb of 4K RAW LOG footage! Full 10hrs of shooting non-stop. Make the entire movie drone shots, thats what we say!

24 Jul 2016

Busy, busy week!

Guinness commercial, feature film in Carlow, 3D mapping, BBC series and I'm sure I'm forgetting some more. 3 crews have their work cut out for the foreseeable!

21 Jul 2016




Shooting in 4K with log colour at various frame rates gives feature films nothing to worry about when trying to match with other cameras.



Vehicle to 400ft in the air in 3mins. Perfect for documentaries or fast paced TV shoots. Full HD at 25fps-60fps for the cinematic full look.

Live TV

Live TV

We transmitted the first ever live drone shot in Ireland from an OB. HD zero delay aerial images adds amazing footage to any live event.



Golf course mapping from tee to green in one continuous shot gives your members the pro experience of any hole on the course.

Action Sports

Action Sports

14-42mm zoom lens at 50mph chasing bikes, boats or badass cars in slow motion leaves people wondering how you ever got that shot!



Pictures looking directly down at any roof or structure from <4ft away takes away all the danger of scaffolding or ladders for survey work.