1. Can you fly in the city or built up area?

Yes.  While working closely with traffic management and the Police we are able to fly over any city buildings, up any street or 400ft over any congested area.  We do require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to put arrangements in place.

2. How long can you fly for?

Depending on wind conditions we can fly for approx 15mins flight time before changing batteries. Recycling batteries allows for flying all day.

3. Can you do live events?

Yes, we were actually the first company in Ireland to do a live OB from 400ft in the air.  Live HD picture with <1ms delay straight down to up to 5 different monitors then transmit to the world. Live!

4. What lenses do you have?

We have a number of lenses ranging from 14mm to 42mm.  We also have zoom lenses which are zoomable from the air.

5. How fast can you fly?

In the right flight mode with the wind at our back we can reach speeds of 50mph.  More than enough to keep up with any car, bike or boat.

6. Can you fly over water?

Yes we have no issues flying over water unlike some of our competitors. We have full faith in our machines and all its failsafes.

7. How low can you go?

Inches to the ground close enough?

8. Can you fly in rain?

No.  Our drones are not waterproof to cut down on weight. Also any rain on the lens will ruin the shot anyway.

9. Do you do photography as well as filming?

Yes.  We offer many services including;

  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Surveys
  • Mapping
  • Property sales
10. It's Monday, can you fly for us on Wednesday?

In short, if we have pilots and crafts available yes we can. We do prefer at least one weeks notice if possible. This also allows us to obtain any special permissions we may need.

11. How high can you go?

Under Civil Aviation Authority laws any UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) cannot fly any more than 400ft in height and any more than 500m away from the pilot.  The pilot must also always have un-aided visual line of sight with the copter.

12. Can you fly at night?

Yes. We have aircraft grade LEDs beneath the craft to guide us in darkness.  We also are one of the few companies with exemptions from the CAA allowing us to legally fly at night in the UK. In Ireland however under the IAA regulations, no UAV is allowed to fly after sunset, apart from search and rescue, no exceptions.

13. Can you fly at our concert, race, gathering etc?

Absolutely.  There are more restrictions when it comes to large events but it’s very easy to abide by these regulations and still achieve the shot the client wants.

14. Is your footage jerky like I've seen with others?

Absolutely not, our footage needs no post production stabilization what-so-ever.

Fly – Shoot – Edit – Release.