Drones for Film & TV

For as long as drones have been around, CineCopters, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland have been ahead of the pack.

We fly the latest state-of-the-art Heavylift & Lightweight drones capable of carrying ALEXA MINI, RED, PHANTOM HI-SPEED & Zenmuse X7 cameras respectively.

We pride ourselves on our crews' experience, technical knowledge and our state-of-the-art custom built equipment - All capable of shooting Cinema-Standard pictures with 5km+ of live HD video feed.
Our pilots and camera operators bring more than 50 years' film and television experience to the set and have been flying drones commercially since their inception.

HBO - AMC - Universal Pictures - Film 4 - Scott Free Productions - Netflix - Microsoft - MTV - BBC - Discovery and many more all agree.

We know how this works. We make your life easy.

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